The Enhancement Detail
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From the desk of Dakota Gary...
Lafayette, LA
Shine & Protection
Our Enhancement detail adds shine and protection. This package is perfect for keeping your paint looking fresh.

We start off first, with a thorough cleaning of all your wheels & wheel wells, then a two-bucket method hand wash using microfiber hand mitts. The vehicle is dried using soft microfiber towels & high pressured air. 

The vehicle is then completely decontaminated using a clay bar to remove any remaining debris. 

A sealant is applied after, that lasts up to 12 months. This will leave a deep wet shine and keep the vehicle protected.

Interior is not left behind...
Rejuvenate your interior with our Enhancement Detail.

It features a deep cleaning of all interior surfaces to remove any dirt, debris and mal-odors. Carpets are shampooed and deep-cleaned. 

Cloth seats are shampooed or leather seats are cleaned with a pH-neutral leather cleaner and then nourished with a conditioner.

Any stains on the headliner are gently removed with special detergents. The trunk is also cleaned.

Get The Enhancement Detail Package Today
Enhancement Detail Cost
Everyday Contribution: $400
Average Price Paid: $325
Today only: $250
*This is the starting price for vehicles in average condition. Any vehicle with excess soiling, stains or dog hair will be an additional charge.
What You Get
  • Thorough cleaning of wheels & wheel wells 
  • Microfiber hand wash
  • Clay bar paint decon
  • ​Up to 12 month sealant (better than a wax)
  • ​Thorough interior vacuum
  • ​Full interior shampoo of carpets & seats
  • ​Leather reconditioning (if applicable) 
  • ​Shampoo all plastics and interior panels 
  • ​Clean all glass inside & out 
  • ​Tire Shine
  • Bonus: Fabric coating to protect carpets from staining 
  • ​Bonus: Windshield coating for increased visibility during rainstorms
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